• Brian Trotter

A coronavirus test in minutes?

Coronavirus cases have spiked up this week as authorities rely more on doctor evaluations, and less on the unreliable and slow nucleic acid lab tests. Media outlets report those lab tests can require up to 2 days for processing.

Even products releasing just this month are still reporting 2 hour processing times.

Those testing times may be coming down even more.

A patent publication from this week is promising "live test results in real-time within about 10 to 40 minutes” for existing coronaviruses such as SARS CoV and MERS CoV ("METHODS FOR REAL-TIME MULTIPLEX ISOTHERMAL DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION OF BACTERIAL, VIRAL, AND PROTOZOAN NUCLEIC ACIDS", US Patent Publication #2020/0048722). They claim a kit that will "provide a commercially practicable detection method that is portable, inexpensive, and field-deployable.”

Let’s hope this gets to market soon.

All quotes from US Patent Publication #2020/0048722