• Brian Trotter

Abbott is continuing the innovation that enabled their new Real-Time SARS-COV-2 Assay test

Abbott Laboratories just announced approval of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for their Real-Time SARS-COV-2 test system. This system should quickly increase testing capacity in the US, and provide much faster results for patients.

A patent related to this technology was just granted to Abbott back in January. US Patent #10526596, "Purification of nucleic acids using metal-titanium oxides" describes "an efficient, effective and convenient method for isolating nucleic acids preparing cell-free nucleic acids for analysis". They use a CuTi oxide solution to bind with the DNA or RNA sample, but also disclose that many other oxides could be used, such as iron oxide.

Their experiments show that the CuTi oxide is best at binding RNA, and that, "this is important in the measure method of RNA viruses. It is not desirable to capture DNA because the presence of pro-viral DNA in the extraction could give an inaccurate determination of the amount of viral particles."

Another patent application in this area is working its way through the USPTO. US Patent #US20180087049, "Maximizing dna yield of blood specimens collected in rapid clot tubes", is targeted towards maximizing the yield in small blood collection tubes used for diagnostic testing.

Let's hope these innovations keep coming quickly...

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