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Don't pay too many maintenance fees

Let us help you trim thousands of dollars from your IP budget. Today.

It all starts with your customized 

Maintenance Fee Outlook


  • Easy-to-read one-page summary

  • Lists your next 10 maintenance payments at the USPTO

  • Shows the total amount of upcoming payments

  • Highlights low-value patents that you shouldn't maintain

Our Maintenance Fee Outlook will be ready for you in just 24 hours.


This one report can show you thousands of dollars in savings.

Yes!! Send me my free Maintenance Fee Outlook

Armed with that list of upcoming payments, Bishop Rock can help you decide which fees to pay.


  • Which patents are protecting my largest revenue streams?

  • Which patents are in active areas of innovation

  • Which patents are blocking innovation by my competitors?


Technology changes. Your business changes.


Your IP strategy needs to change with it.


Don’t keep paying for those patents from your 2012 business strategy. 

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