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Patent Research and Analysis


Do you know your company's most valuable IP? Do you have a strategy to defend and build upon these assets? Is your patent prosecution process efficient, or do you spend years and years paying for RCEs and Appeals? Bishop Rock can help you make data driven decisions on your patent portfolio as part of an overall corporate IP strategy that ensures you are spending your IP budget on the most critical areas.

Prior Art Search


Are you satisfied with your patent search solutions? Or do you frequently find yourself in lengthy and expensive patent prosecutions against prior art that was not identified in your own searches?

At Bishop Rock, we believe that patent search is much more than an exercise in finding textual matches to claim language. We strive to understand your invention to know exactly where to look for the most relevant art. Which markets? Which competitors? The best search reveals a manageable number of the closest art, rather than burying you with hundreds of pages of meaningless references.

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Competitor Analysis


Your competition is working every day to take your business. They are expanding into new areas. And there are new entrants that you don't even know about. Bishop Rock can help you understand this competitive landscape. Whether it is your key market today, or a new space you are looking to enter, we will help identify these hazards on the horizon so you can steer clear of these risks and chart a course for continued innovation and profitability 

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Due Diligence


Are you considering entering a new market space? Bishop Rock can provide customized research into the current state of play in that space and keep you informed of the key competition so you make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Is there an acquisition target that could help accelerate your growth? Bishop Rock can investigate the patent portfolio of your top targets. A small investment of time and money on the front end can help you determine if you're looking at a company in a crowded space or one that has critical and protectable IP with real value.

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