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Curious about your competitors? Here's where to look.

Some of the best competitor research comes from the US Patent Office. They release all published patent applications every Thursday. It can be alot of information, but don't think there's nothing in there for you to learn. Here's what you can find in last week's list:

Apple's working on optical inventions for a head-mounted device (US Patent Publication 20210063734). Yes, the Apple VR headset is coming.

Apple's also filing applications for managing devices with flexible displays (US Patent Publication 20210064094). So be on the lookout for that bendable, flexible iPhone.

And Google's working on using AI and machine learning to help identify pathologies in tissue samples (US Patent Publication 20210064845).

You could even get a good laugh. Disney's filed an application for "ROBOTIC DEVICES WITH SAFETY RETENTION SUITS FOR REDUCING BALLISTIC RISKS". What on earth could that be? Coming soon to DisneyWorld, "Robot Paintball". Sounds like fun to me. I'm in.

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