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The Virtual Reality Cookie. Really...

The list of patents for Austin-based companies is dominated by the "usual suspects" -- The University of Texas, Cirrus Logic, NXP, and recently, YETI Coolers. But this week, there was one entry that made me do a double-take....

Tiff's Treats.

Yes, the cookie delivery company.

I was expecting an invention of a new cookie-baking machine or gadget, so I was even more surprised when I read the title of their patent -- "Apparatus, Method and System for Presentation of Multimedia Content including Augmented Reality Content".

Why on earth is a cookie delivery company getting a patent for Augmented Reality? It's actually pretty interesting...

Their patent is for adding multimedia content that is attached to a delivery of one of their boxes of cookies. Imagine order that box of cookies for a friend's birthday and you get to record a little video "Happy Birthday" for them. When they get their delivery, they use their phone to scan the box. When their phone scans a QR code, or even just a logo or other marker on the box, it recognizes this is your delivery and your personalized video pops up and plays on their screen.

Now who's going to send me some cookies so we can try this out?!?

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