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Google buys audio company Dysonics...but is it really about autonomous driving??

Google has recently purchased US-based startup Dysonics. The popular press seems to think this is all about adding Dysonics 3D audio technology to the PixelBuds to better compete with Apple's Airpods. That's probably part of the deal, but looking at Dysonic's full IP portfolio, Google could be thinking bigger. Much bigger.

Dysonics has a patent application for autonomous driving that integrates environmental factors (bicycles, pedestrians, animals) with in-cabin audio. A recent patent ("APPARATUS AND METHOD TO PROVIDE SITUATIONAL AWARENESS USING POSITIONAL SENSORS AND VIRTUAL ACOUSTIC MODELING") was filed in 2019 and discloses a system of sensors for detecting obstacles and modifying in-cabin audio with custom sounds for different obstacles. Their invention can even position the audio in the car cabin in the same direction as the obstacle.

Imagine a vehicle with a sophisticated in-cabin noise cancelling system with speakers all around the driver and passengers, even in the headrests.

And when a pedestrian begins crossing in front of you on the right, the system breaks in with a custom tone in the front right area of the cabin to alert you to the danger and focus your attention in that direction.

Pretty cool. And perhaps coming soon to a car near you.

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