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Oracle adds to Austin's innovative spirit

Austin's all abuzz this week with news that Oracle is moving their company headquarters here to Central Texas. Coming on the heels of the earlier announcement of Tesla's new factory, these are quite heady times for Austin's tech community. And I imagine Oracle's not the last company to make the move during this great re-shuffling.

Austin's tech scene got its start with an IBM facility in 1967, some semiconductor startups in the 80's and 90's, and a computer company started by some college dropout. But today, Oracle is joining a tech scene that's much more than chips and PCs. Just look at the patents granted to Austin companies this week...

There's semiconductor patents from NXP, Ambiq and Silicon Labs. And some research-related patents from UT-Austin. But then there's these:

Curious to see the full list for this week? Just go HERE.

So welcome to Oracle. Glad to have you as part of Austin's innovative community. Looking forward to seeing you on these lists soon.

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