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The Bendable iPhone?

Now, I won't say that sifting through the published patent applications each week is always fascinating reading, but sometimes, one application really catches your eye.

Take last week's published patent application from Apple, "Camera Systems for Bendable Electronic Devices" (US Patent Publication 2021/0021768). Yes, the Bendable iPhone.

Well, maybe.

This patent application is specifically directed towards how to utilize multiple cameras in a bendable device. For example, one implementation shows a concave arrangement of cameras that can be used to take a 3-D photo of an object.

Or a convex arrangement of cameras could create a much wider and more stable panoramic image, which could look something like this:

But most interesting of all is this possibility : the phone that can be 'rolled up' on one end to create a wide camera field, while the user can still view the image on the screen (labelled '14') and frame the shot just the way they would like.

I wouldn't expect this in iPhone13, but they are clearly working to make this happen. Fascinating.

Note: All images from published patent applications accessible through

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